***T-Time Tip Of The Day***

Hey sisters, now that covid is over and restaurants and patios are opening up, we gotta get you girls ready for this hot girl summer’s dating season.

If you find yourself still in financial recovery from the pandemic and are looking for more inexpensive ways to treat yourself and feel good as things open up. @pharmaprixbeaute@shoppersbeauty is your nail solution with a variety of gel acrylic nail designs and colors from @heliosnailsystems retailed at 14.99$ tax not included. @heliosnailsystems
is your easy inexpensive 1,2,3 temp fix.

1)Start with clean nails,

2) Apply glue and use nail applicator to apply nails.

3)Press down and hold down for 15 seconds and done.

@heliosnailsystem are easy to apply and can last you up to 7 days.

***Natural nail tip***
Use carrot oil to treat natural nails after you removed your acrylic nails in order keep your natural nails strong and healthly after application.

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