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Body transition goals while on hormone therapy requires mental discipline. As hormones have side effects of increased appetite along with bone density loss and muscle deterioration it becomes a greater responsibility for a person who is transitioning to implement self care attitudes towards yourself.

This is the after result of 5 laser lipo sessions with @lashedtoronto_ packaged at 350.00$ taxes not included. 6 months of personal training with @beastsbycreation memberships sold at 650.00$ flat rate per month for 60.00$ flat rate for 1 session. Along with a healthy diet.

My transition is not complete but on the right path to ensuring a healthy, longevity life.

Other options and supports for excercise are available for free with the @the519 as they offer self defense classes for trans/queer/non binary lgbtq2s+ peoples. Or don’t forget to check out your local community centers for activities you can partake in to keep your heart rate up and health in good condition.

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