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Transitional body goals can feel like a challenge to achieve for a person undergoing hormonal therapy. But with the right supports and alot of hard work and determination it is achievable. Join me Moka Dawkins in being self sufficient and making sure we ensure the right steps to longevity in health wellness and physical fitness for all trans peoples and our allies.

Hard work sometimes needs a helping hand and for Moka that helping hand is @beastsbycreation. With personalized diet plans, personal training sessions and private workout services available for clients, @beastsbycreation is your one stop to get your physical fitness in check with with your mental abilities.

To stay up to date on all your transitional health wellness and lifestyle advice follow @ttimetips on Instagram and Facebook today. And don’t forget to check out the T-Time Tips with Moka Dawkins Podcast exclusively at www.t-timetips.ca.

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