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Sometimes it takes nerve to build up self-esteem; and what greater way to build up some new inner confidence then by learning how to treat yourself to fabulous designers for the hard work you put in daily.

(Trans Fab Tip) Fashion carries more than the spread normative of “what does he/she/they have on?” Or “will I fit in with this?” Fashion is the creation of individuality to be experience for and by all humanity and no other species.

To build on our goals of a savings account that can afford the closet of our dreams, is part of T-Time Tips Productions next step into creating productive, safe and inclusive spaces and futures for our Trans GoGetters out there.

Here are some fall/winter 2022/2023 fashion shop tips.

Essence.com reccomends some 2022/2023 fall/winter fashion tips styles such as dresses over pants, grunge looks or light weight garments.

(Pic 1: Alexander Mcqueen Hybrid Satin T-shirt Dress 1, 740.00$. Pic 2: Zimmerman Lyre Puff-Sleeve Midi Dress 1, 530.00$. Pic 3 & 4: SKIMS Lounge Long Sleeve Dress 160.00$.)

Flipboard.com reccomends Pink to be the color for this 2022/2023 fall/winter fashion trends.

Ifaparis.com suggest that this fall/winter 2022/2023 fashion trends and looks are XXL coats and cut-out’s.

(Pic 5: Alexander MCQueen Polyfaille Trench Dress 4,790.00$. Pic 6: Givenchy Cut-Out Wool and Cashmere Sweater 2, 050.00$.)

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