***T-Time Tip Of The Day***

Ever wake up in the morning wondering, what is a healthy breakfast I can have that’s going to fill me for a good few hours?

Here’s a quick 10 minute or less hot breakfast that you can cook to ensure your getting the energetic nutrients to start off your day.

(Serving 1 person)

1 plantain banana ( slice into 4 pieces)

4 slices of chicken bacon

1/2 a cup of egg whites

Slice(s) of green pepper (diced)

Diced cilantro

Diced parsley

3 diced mushrooms

3 diced garlic or half a teaspoon of puree garlic

Add in the mushrooms, green pepper, cilantro, parsley, and garlic into a pan with a half a tablespoon of I Cant Believe It’s Not Butter butter. Cook on medium temperature, stir for 2/3minutes or until mushrooms have soften with some coloring. Add egg whites, and your ready to serve. Option to add half a teaspoon pepper sauce or sprinkle some black pepper over the egg whites.


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