***T-Time Tip Of The Day***


We need continuous everyday awareness and support from all allies to keep the voices and livelihood of Black and other racialized Trans peoples alive and safe.

As we fight for equity rights and protection in todays civil normative of Canada’s integration of people of color and gender and sexual identities.

We have minimal social and governmental awareness to the economic and habitual environments racialized Trans are force to adapt to due to exile from family due to tranphobia, violent victimization in public spaces from other opposed lifestyle living communities, and refugee status.   

Our government tends to always over look the most vulnerable(our Trans community) and overtly lean on a system that isn’t meant for the equal privilege of advancement in entering a populative percentile of financial benefits (secure middle class living) due to existing colonial views on Trans peoples and our economic value as a whole in the capital progress of Canada.

Help us break these barriers by remembering everyday kind acts humanity towards Black and racialized marginalized Trans peoples.

Be a grand supporter by going to donate in support of providing financial assistance to Black Trans Women at www.gofundme.com/justiceformoka or visit us on our website at www.t-timetips.ca for direct donation links.

Click Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSqDIGwtfdx