***T-Time Tip Of The Day***

To all my transitional followers out there. Do you ever find yourself stuck at home battling pandemic depression, boredom, and mood swings from hormone therapy? Looking for ways to combat all these negative emotions?

Today, I found myself in a not so cognitive positive mental health state and knew I needed to defeat it before it consumed any more of my day.

So respecting myself and my needs for me I did three things for myself that I enjoy in patience.

1) I put on some eyebrows to encourage my confidence in succeding my negative emotions

2) I deep condition my hair as that is a self care treatment I enjoy giving myself a few times a week.

3) I put on press on nails that give me the feeling of positivity in colors to reflect healthly visual influences.

Do you find yourself battling these types of hormonal emotions? Do you have healthly outlets you use? Encourage others and share your t-time mental health tip in the comment box below and lets keep each other stronger, healthier, and alive.

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This is brought to you by:
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This is brought to you by:
T-Time Tips Productions

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