***T-Time Tip Of The Day***

Everyday awareness needs to be strongly made for the safety of Black and Bipoc Trans sex worker communities.

With the reopening of this post-pandemic, we need to be better neighbours to our Black and Bipoc Trans sex worker communities. As the vulnerability of physical violence is very much an increase factor for the girls siding with the mental health advisories that were giving out through this whole pandemic, we have to bring awareness to the protection of these girls’ lives who are still with us.

Tips on ways that you can be better neighbors in protecting the lives of our Black and Bipoc Trans sex worker communities are:

1) Be a check-in buddy, extend your support to someone who you know is in the sex industry and offer your safety support to accept calls from them when they are about to go out on a date.

2)Don’t judge experiences that your friend or family member shares about their line of work with you. You want to be compassionate and gentle and a constant reminder that you are a safe and supportive person/resource.

3) Check-in on their off days also, putting that extra love into someone can never be a wrong thing or a bad time to do.

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