***T-Time Tip Of The Day***

Hello & Happy Pride to you all.

I am Moka Dawkins founder and CEO of T-Time Tips Productions and I am here today to give you your T-Time Tip Of The Day !

As everyone is excited to return to post pandemic living, I want to strongly advise you all my Trans & LGBQ2S+ communities about the Ontario mental health advisories that where announced throughout this 2 year long pandemic.

As covid infections decrease we still have an overwhelmed mental health system, and as reports of mental distress has increased throughout many different living populations, we Trans and LGBTQ2S+ communities need to be extra vigilant for one another. Just as recent as June,5,2021 our Queer community member David Gomez was violently attacked by a group of homophobic men who left David unconscious with shattered facial bones.

And again a community member finds themselves with no proper aid from police in regards to further investigation.

We must come stronger as a community the protect and equalize our voices and rights to everyday civil protection.

To all community sex workers,

Please take the time to properly protect yourselves as you face the most vulnerabilities to these mental health distress advisories.

Measures you can take to protect ensure your safety are:
1)Make sure your phone is fully charged.
2)Have a check-in buddy system.
3)Carry pepper spray.

Supportive able bodied community members can donate to help David in his recovery by going to www.gofundme.com/f/queer bashing-victim-toronto-healing-aid-fund

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I wish you all a rest of a happy and safe pride?️‍? .

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