On Behalf of Moka Dawkins

Hello everyone,

This is Sui, writing a post on behalf of Moka, with her permssion.

I just spoke with my friend Moka, after hearing that she was inside. She was accosted and assaulted and arrested when she reacted in defence of herself. And while she has some support from some organizations and her lawyer, she has asked that I let the community and the people in her life know that she’s okay, where she is, and ask for help in keeping up with her rent payments so she still has a home once she gets out.

You can help by supporting her gofundme by sharing her gofundme page and donating to it, the proceeds will be used to help pay her rent.

Her GoFundMe can be found in my links, I’ll also be posting in my stories with a direct link.

You can also find her info on her pages:

Please feel free to repost and share this post.